"Dear Santa, Define Good" Book Preview

"My twin brother is my best friend and my business partner. Wait, scratch that…WAS my best friend. 

I know I will eventually forgive him. Forgive him for scheduling this bachelor party for a three-day snowmobiling tour. Forgive him for getting sick the night before he was supposed to leave with said bachelor party. 

What I can’t forgive is that he didn’t tell me about the bachelor. Who is he? Only my first love. 

I thought I had moved on. I thought I was over him. But when he steps off the plane? Oh my…when he steps off that plane. I’ll ignore the fact that he brought a crew of playboy athletes with him if they can keep their flirtations to themselves.  But, I’m not so sure I can ignore my heart. 

I’m a World champion snowmobile racer. I co-own and manage the most successful outdoor adventure outfitter in Jackson, WY. My name is Mia Brooks, and this is my story…

Dear Santa, Define Good Chapter 1 (pdf)


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