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"Snow & Mistletoe" Book Preview

 "My world is completely crumbling around me…Yesterday, I was laid off from my job, then I came home to find out that my boyfriend of two years, had not only left without me on our planned Christmas ski vacation, he'd broken up with me. To top it all off, I went out with my roommate, Erin, last night, and God only knows what shenanigans I got up to. Somehow, I ended up connecting with my former roommate Shaye, and I’m now on my way to her cabin in the woods, to spend my holidays alone. I’m hoping I’ll figure out a way to put the pieces of my life back together before the New Year. This is certainly NOT how I envisioned my Christmas. My name is Caitlyn Darling, and this is my story…"

Snow & Mistletoe Chapter 1 (pdf)


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