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"Laugh out loud funny! Cat is such a hot mess and Kirin is super sexy! This novella is quirky, sexy, all the feels kind of Christmas book I love. A surprising twist makes for an adventurous end, and you will be rooting for Cat's happy ever after." -MEA 

"It is delightful, wonderful, and surprising. Never expected the ending. Just became better with each chapter" - Kathleen A.   

"Fun romance with a little mystery. How can two people get trapped in a house on an island. " - Steve B.   

Cat Darling has worked hard to make a name for herself, and build a brand,  as the best graphic designer, for Seattle sporting brands, until she is  abruptly released from her position a few days before Christmas. Taking  solace in the fact that she has a ski trip planned with her boyfriend of  two years, she comes home to find that not only did he leave without  her, he has broken up with her. A night on the town triggers a series of  events that lead to Cat spending the holidays at a friends cabin on  Lopez Island. Unfortunately, the cabin is already occupied by the dark  and devilishly handsome Kirin Anderson.

Kirin has his own reasons for spending Christmas alone and Cat has put a  major wrinkle in his plans for solitude. As Kirin tries to navigate his  instant attraction to Cat, he must balance her request to be alone, and  his need to keep a secret. His care for Cat, and encouragement of her  new life direction pulls Cat in, and she finds her heart at a much  greater risk of breaking.

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Meet Rie!


Rie Anders was raised in the Pacific Northwest, and has led a very colorful life, paralleling a previously successful career in the country’s aerospace program and corporate America. Leaving behind the nine to five, she has woven her knowledge of aviation, Pacific Northwest culture, commercial fishing in Alaska, and the rugged landscapes of the west, into beautifully crafted, happy ever after, contemporary romantic fiction novels.

Rie lives in Texas with her husband and competitive figure skating daughter. She is sure there is a story in there as well, and enlists her daughter’s input on the daily drives to (and from) the ice rink. Topics range from character development to whom will play the hero/ine on the big screen, and what new song fits a scene to perfection.


Q & A with Rie Anders


When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

My first memory of wanting to be a writer was when I was eight years old. My parents had purchased a typewriter for me, and I set up a little “office” in the dining room where I could work. I proceeded to type out a short story about a rabbit and other forest creatures, convinced I was going to be the next Beatrix Potter.

Where do you get your ideas from for your books?

Most of my ideas come from locations, and quite honestly, some of my past relationships. I’ll admit that a lot of my character development comes from those relationships, and without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. That’s what I love about the writing process: the creativity, and the catharsis. The stories are not true, but I like to imagine a fictional world where “that one” would have worked out. And I love my locations. All my stories take place in locations that mean something to me—that are part of the core person I am.

Why did you choose to write contemporary romance?

It chose me. It resonated with me, and I don’t feel as if it was really a choice—it just happened. The very first romance book I read was “November of the Heart” by LaVyrle Spencer. My grandmother had given it to my mom, and I remember being surprised at hearing my grandmother had enjoyed a romance novel. It was completely out of character (or what I thought a romance reader was) for the proper, well-bred matriarch of our family. Intrigued by the story, I started reading it and I never put it down. The grief, longing, love and development of the characters stuck with me, and it is that balance of remarkable story-telling I strive to achieve.

In your opinion, what makes up a good story?

I love the happy ever after. But that does not mean that it comes without sacrifice. A good story weaves character growth, self-awareness, emotional conflict and sexual tension. Because really, what is a love story without the physical connection?

What is unique about your novels?

Location and back stories. At the core of my stories is romance: that is, of course, what I write about. They are love stories with a happy ever after. If my readers are aviation enthusiasts, love the outdoors (specifically Jackson Hole and the Pacific Northwest), and enjoy watching the heroine become emotionally stronger as the story progresses, they will enjoy my novels.

What made you decide to become a self-publisher?

When I finally committed to writing, it felt urgent to me to have my books published, and get them out to the readers. I also didn’t have the knowledge of what was required to follow the proper publishing channels. I would be over the moon to have agent representation, and that is certainly a next step for me. 

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20% of profits from Snow & Mistletoe in the month of July will go to support one of my very favorite organizations, Skate Therapy.  Skate Therapy is a US Paralympic sport club designed to offer classes that allow individuals with a wide range of physical, or developmental disabilities, to learn to figure skate and enjoy the cool on-ice experience. I'm honored and humbled to support this incredible organization.

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